We at Maharashtra Orthopedic Association are proud to present our website in new form. We are pleased to offer our members the exciting features like Online registration of new members plus a continuous online updated  dynamic member database for better communication. We introduce a facility to share in between members for difficult cases and problems of day today practice. There is an academic section that includes archives of presentations, video techniques and weekly academic articles. In the photo gallery, the memories of past MGOACONs and  MOARCONS and other meetings. The idea is to fulfil our President Dr. Ajit Shinde objective…” Together Towards Excellence in Orthopaedics ” by sharing our knowledge with each other. Evolution of the Maharashtra Orthopedic Association has been a result of contributions through hard work, sincerity and dedication by a number of our colleagues. Every fraternity member belonging to the MOA contributes to its evolution in his or her own way. Our senior members contribute by sharing their acquired knowledge and experience over the years. They then shape up the second line who in turn contributes by actively implementing this knowledge and mentoring fellow members. Read More

Secretary’s Message

It is our Teamwork, Harmony and collective efforts,
which is going to Help me to Take MOA at your Door-step!


  • To Make MOA as Helping, Motherly Organization for every Orthopedic Surgeon in Maharashtra
  • Every Maharashtra Orthopod should remember MOA, for any problem faced by him, anytime during his Practice


  • To take MOA to Grass Root Level, to every nook and corner of Maharashtra
  • To involve Dynamic, Energetic Young Orthopods as well as Experienced, Active Veterans in all activities of
    MOA, even if they are not in Executive Committee.
  • To decentralize and delegate, distribute work to individual Executive Member

MOA Day Message from The Executive Committee

Dear Colleague,
At the outset, we are grateful to all of you for giving us the opportunity to be on the Governing board of MOA. As you are aware, we have declared 1st May as MOA Day. We look forward to your participation for the same. This Handbook will serve as a complete step by step guide for those of us who wish to conduct OPD Camps and/or awareness lectures throughout the MOA week. Your active participation in this event will ensure maximum impact to the citizens and also make MOA day a grand success. We take this opportunity to thank all the MOA members & the State District Relationship Committee ( SDRC) for their unflinching support.

Join Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association

Enroll As a member of MOA today. If you are an orthopaedic surgeon who practices in Maharashtra, you deserve to be a member of the MOA. please download the membership form today and mail it along with a cheque of Rs.5000 at the address of the Secretary MOA. Else click on the link for direct online registration.


MOA Day Meeting

Inspirational Talk

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Fundamentals of Investing Shares

MOA MASTER CLASS 2020 – 2021

* Block your Sunday evening*


Date: Sunday 21st February 2021 @ 6 pm : http://bit.ly/OrthoTV-MOA-42

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association (MOA ) presents MOA Master Class on Elbow with case based scenarios & tips & tricks.

Case based Interactive series :
Elbow Instability & Stiffness

* Convener*
Dr. Abhijeet Wahegaonkar

* Co-ordinator*
Dr. Yogesh Khandalkar

 * Faculty*
Dr. Vidisha Kulkarni
Dr. Prasad Joshi
Dr. Aashay Kekatpure
Dr. Prashant Kamble


Dr. Vidisha Kulkarni
Dr. Prasad Joshi

*OrthoTV Team*
Dr. Neeraj Bijlani
Dr. Ashok Shyam

Learn , Share & Discuss with the stalwarts in Elbow Surgery.

** Evidence based learning **
MOA President – Dr. Ajit Shinde
MOA Sec – Dr. Narayan Karne

* Brought to you by MOA in association with OrthoTV