We at Maharashtra Orthopedic Association are proud to present our website in new form. We are pleased to offer our members the exciting features like Online registration of new members plus a continuous online updated  dynamic member database for better communication. We introduce a facility to share in between members for difficult cases and problems of day today practice. There is an academic section that includes archives of presentations, video techniques and weekly academic articles. In the photo gallery, the memories of past MGOACONs and  MOARCONS and other meetings.

The idea is to fulfil our President Dr. Ajit Shinde objective…” Together Towards Excellence in Orthopaedics “ by sharing our knowledge with each other. Evolution of the Maharashtra Orthopedic Association has been a result of contributions through hard work, sincerity and dedication by a number of our colleagues. Every fraternity member belonging to the MOA contributes to its evolution in his or her own way.

Our senior members contribute by sharing their acquired knowledge and experience over the years. They then shape up the second line who in turn contributes by actively implementing this knowledge and mentoring fellow members. The most enthusiastic younger generation offer their contributions with new ideas and by presenting and publishing their innovations and observations. Every cadre in the field of orthopedics is important to contribute to the growth of MOA.

To implement these features, we look forward for our members’ enthusiastic contributions, support and suggestions on how we can better this effort. Your suggestions form a valuable part in this process. Some of these features are under development and would be available soon.

Our vision is to provide authentic medium and platform to communicate within our fraternity and keep each member informed about the latest in the world of Orthopaedics and happenings at Maharashtra Orthopedic Association and its affiliated regional chapters. We hope that this step taken by us will attain new milestones of success.

Let us have evolution together by sharing!

President, Secretary and All Executive Committee Members.