MOA, the Maharashtra State chapter of I.O.A. was founded by late Dr. A.K. Talwalkar in the city of Pune in 1983 with the idea of enhancing and pramoting the principles and practice of Orthopaedic surgery in the State. It has now become one of the very active chapters of I.O.A. and Maharashtra is proude to have produced many illustrious and number of Presidents of I.O.A. The history of our association is very intresting one.The Indian Orthopaedic Association (I.O.A.) was formed in 1955. Dr. B.R. Sinha was the president and Dr. Mukhopadhaya was secretary. Befor that orthopaedic surgeons were the members of association of surgeons of India. Dr. G.S. Kini, Dr. K. S. Grewal, Dr. A. K. Gupta, Dr. Katrak were the other orthopaedic surgeons to take keen intrest in forming the I.O.A.In 1983 was the dawn of the M.O.A. on 21st May 1983 at Pune formation took place. The first MOA conference took place at Bombay.

Maharashtra has played a key role in the development of orthopaedic surgery as a speciality in this country. The history of MOA is incomplete without mentioning the great ortho surgeons like prof. R. J. Katrak, Dr. A. K. Talwalkar, Dr. M. V. Sant, Dr. prof. K. t. Dholakia. It was due to their efforts that a sound foundation has been laid and many top orthopaedic surgeons owe their basic training to Mumbai. Where as these conference provide opportunity for social gathering, meeting old friends renewing the contacts, to exchange the thoughts, to the different parts of Maharashtra and the country, from the same plat form. Please go through the events of MOACON taken at different places and you will find it is interesting one.